The Best almost totally 80s cover band ever,

The Brat Pack is, in my opinion, better than the original artists. I love how well they sound (instruments and vocals all amazing) and their energy on stage. I first saw this band Dec 2011 and they have bumped Bon Jovi out of their number 1 spot. It was love at first sight. What makes them super unique is they have a guy and girl lead singer who change their costumes depending on who they will be singing next, everyone in the band can sing very well. When I am at their gig’s I get lost in their show, their energy bounces off stage, and my anxiety melts away. After a gig I can’t wait to go to another one! I am very picky on my 80s music and these guys are spot on. There are no other bands like The Brat Pack, between the costumes, songs (all peppy and fun), and how all the members have a blast on stage. They have inspired me to play my instrument. If you are looking to book a band I highly recommend this band. If you are reading reviews b/c you haven’t seen them yet, check them out you won’t be sorry. “I had the time of my life, and I owe it all to you”

#1 Fan, Ashley, Davenport, IA 2017

Thanks so much. We appreciated the opportunity to jam a bit...I know it can be a bit nerve racking having someone else use your gear.

You guys exceeded our expectations honestly. We couldn't have asked for a better party. Everyone was raving about it and it was the best wedding we have been too! Please sincerely thank your band mates as well. We will recommend you for any event. You were organized, responsive, fun, and talented.

One more big thanks and we will see around!

Erin & Scott
Bride and Groom / Wedding 2014

This note is not a booking. We already booked and the band was a blast!
My daughter booked the Brat Pack for her wedding on May 12th, 2012 at the Loading Dock in Grafton, IL.  I just wanted to say Thank You for coming that far and making her wedding so much fun!  It was all about the party for her and thank goodness she found you! It was a party!
It has been the talk of the town! Our family and friends have never had so much fun at a wedding.  So again Thank You. The band members were so kind and we enjoyed every minute of having them there.

Gina & Tim Peipert
Mother & Father of the Bride 2012


Thanks for coming back to Evansville this past weekend, it's been way too long! You guys are the real deal and besides the great vocals and being amazing musicians, you ENTERTAIN! I brought some friends to hear you and they were blown away by your show. The new additions to the group since I last saw you are fantastic! The kid on guitar is unreal, he's talented to say the least. Please come back soon and rock our town like you always do. Compared to the other acts that come around....well there is no comparison! Thanks guys and gals! Hell of a night with you!

Bryan P.   Evansville,In. 2012

"I’ve got just one word to describe Brat Pack… HUGE! HUGE crowds, HUGE bar sales, HUGE fun. Their numbers were off the chart for a live band at my establishment. A definite re-book!”

Ward Gollings, Talent Buyer for Highdive Nightclub, Champaign, Illinois

Brat Pack,

A BIG "thank you" for making the Backer/Meisner wedding reception in Quincy a huge success. Thanks for all your help. You made everything flow so smooth, from announcing the wedding party to playing song after song after song, one right after the other. We've never seen anything like it. YOU guys are uniquely, freakin "AWESOME". Thanks for letting our 5 year old granddaughter "Annika" play guitar center stage with you!!! You made her evening!!!
Hope to see you soon. We will be following your band!!

PS: Please post this on your website, especially the part about "you being uniquely, freakin awesome"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Parents of the groom,
Larry & Dianne Meisner 6/18/11

“You've never heard your favorite 80's songs sound so good.  You'll have to check to make sure it's not the juke box!”

Cory Brenczewski, Owner Tuckaway Tavern, Joliet, Illinois

THEY MADE MY RECEPTION!!! An AWESOME 80's cover band, they are the FULL show!! Before hand, they were fantastic to deal with! Easy to contact and very flexable. They led me through what CD's that I needed to provide to cover dinner music and slow songs (they don't do any - we played our favorites while they were on break and it kept the dance floor packed!). They provided a cordless microphone for toasts and during their AMAZING show they gave out fun party favors to all of our guests - tiara's, crowns, beads, fun glasses and a ton more!! My mom wanted an orchestra and after they played she admitted that they were the best one's for the reception! They will travel within Illinois (and didn't charge me any extra) and my reception would not have been the same without them! I have NEVER seen so many people on the dance floor at the wedding! WHOOOO HOOOO!! BRAT PACK ROCKED THE HOUSE!! Thank you!!!

Quality of Service:(5.0/5.0)
Value For Cost:(5.0/5.0)

Amy Wolff-Oakes

“On weekend nights when I can’t book the Brat Pack, I feel weak and depressed. My staff resent me. The customers complain. I beg and beg for more Brat Pack. If you book them, I’ll be ruined.”

Steve Giardina, Owner Juju’s, Bloomington, Illinois

“A spectacle beyond compare. My club fills with thirsty but well-behaved, enthusiastic but not underaged, happy fans who arrive early and stay to close. The 80s tunes are perfect, and the onstage antics a laugh riot. Never say the Brat Pack’s not for everyone.”

Rich Mular, Owner Fat City Saloon, Champaign, Illinois

“They rocked themselves (and me) right out of the club.”

Tom, Manager of Gunner Buc’s, Mattoon, Illinois

“I made more in tips in one Saturday night with the Brat Pack than the rest of the month.”

A satisfied waitress, Christopher, Illinois

“Count me among satisfied customers! The Brat Pack has made me what I am today – smart, successful, rich, beloved by my peers and family, feared by my enemies. The Brat Pack starred at my wedding reception last year, and so far marriage has been all bliss!”

A satisfied customer, Coal City, Illinois

“When my school brought the Brat Pack in to rock our gymnasium, I realized the importance of academics. I see now that mathematics, physics, literature, and geography are essential in daily life. The Brat Pack made me smarter, and although I was only a runner up in the dance contest, they also increased my coordination, wit, and self-confidence. What institution of higher learning can survive without them?”

Sam ‘Crazy Legs’ Appellato, Lincoln College Sophomore, Lincoln, Illinois

“I liked the Brat Pack so much I married the keyboard player and had his baby. And then I joined the band!”

A satisfied chick singer, Champaign, Illinois

The Brat Pack, they played U of I a lot (Champaign).  http://www.thebratpack.../  They occasionally play chicago.  The are awesome, they have been around for a long time.

Jonathan C.

When I lived down in Champaign, I used to see The Brat Pack all the time. They're an outstanding 80s cover band, especially if you're looking for more Prince/Madonna/Debbie Gibson/Flock of Seagulls and less hair. Their show is hysterical. I haven't seen them since I left-- they mostly play in central Illinois, but I see on their website that they'll be at John Barleycorn in Schaumburg on Fri, April 4.


AND OUR FAVORITE ----- Not true by the way, but actually a compliment!

They are a good show, but play recordings and mouth the words for half the songs. They are "live" about half the time.
Mitchell Nesvik 2012

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