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"The 80s aren't over till we say they are." The Brat Pack has delivered happy 80s and beyond party goodness throughout this great land for Twenty Seven sweet years - that's 250% the size of the Me Decade itself. The Brat Pack plays those never-ending hits so true to the originals that every once in a while a listener suspects lip-synching, so the band might have to treat them to a teensy little mistake just to set them straight. Another source of confusion is that lead singer Lynn D. Lauper looks exactly like every big star and transforms from one to the other so fast you won't believe it's just one person. Jesse Van Halen tames the ridiculously large keyboards while flaunting those designer toenails and bedroom eyes. Buried behind a sea of hats and plastic wildlife and shiny blue drums is Josh of Seagulls, mad scientist and star of Disney's The Country Bears, rocking the house hard. The front line features a new generation of Brats: Jon ClaudeJon Damme, master of the six string, and his alter ego Lazer Wolf, on bass guitar, manage to leave just enough space front and center for Joe Bon Joey, king of word smithery and the suave dance move.