Brendan Goes To Hollywood

When Brendan Goes to Hollywood was a much younger man, sweating magic tricks and expert breakdance stunts on the set of "CupTrix: The Movie," Josh of Seagulls liked the look.

He said, "Hey Kid. You seem 'almost totally 80s'. What say you leave Hollywood, come fly with me, and melt the whole world's face off with your chilling skills and million dollar poses?"

To which BGtH replied, "Gnarly. I don't know much about guitar, and I've never been East of the Rockies, but I'll try anything once and most things infinity times."

Josh of Seagulls cashed his check for banging on pots and pans in Disney's "The Country Bears" and rushed Brendan Goes to Hollywood to the mall. After rigorous training with Tiffany and Jermaine Stewart, they took the midnight train going anywhere, and now Brendan is shredding and magictricking and highkicking his way through the 80s and beyond.